Frequently Asked Questions

Will "Kiss Now, Lie Later" have a sequel?

There will be a second book set in the Glenmont/Alleghany world. "For Now, Not Forever" will follow Maeve's twin brother Liam and his love interest. That book is releasing September 29, 2022.

Where do you find writing inspiration? 

Everywhere sounds ridiculously vague, but it’s true. I’ll come up with a piece of a plot based on the randomest things: a lyric in a song, a conversation I overhear in a coffee shop, a movie I’m watching. It often surprises me, how that one spark will just expand into a fully-formed story as I keep thinking about it. I’ll be out exercising or driving and all of a sudden I’ll just know exactly how the story will end or what the conflict will be.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I’ve always been an avid reader. Writing a novel was a thought in the back of my mind for a long time. I had plenty of story ideas, but no lack of doubts either. I didn’t know anyone who had ever written or published a book. I didn’t know how to go about hiring an editor or formatting or really any part of being an author outside of writing the book itself. I’d just graduated from college and embarked on a career I liked but didn’t love, and I would sit down when I got home every night and force myself to write 2,000 words before I went to bed. I still haven’t published that book, but when I finished it I missed writing. So, I started another book. I did some research, learned you could self-publish for free on Amazon, and decided I didn’t have anything to lose. Looking back now, I’m shocked anyone found it among the millions of books on Amazon, but I had a couple of people reach out to me saying how much they loved “Four Months, Three Words” and couldn’t wait for the sequel. Honestly, that’s a huge part of the reason I wrote and published a second book. 

Have any of the stories you’ve written been based on your own experiences, or someone you know? 

Not really! I’ll grab snippets of inspiration from a wide range of sources, but I don’t rely very heavily on my own life or the lives of those closest to me. There are some random moments I’ll put in that I experienced first-hand, and I’ll write in quirks or hobbies that I have, but one of my favorite things about writing is escaping into an entirely new world I constructed. I like that to be something exciting and different.

Any advice for new authors? 

If you enjoy it, keep writing! I still feel very new to this author thing myself, so I don’t feel like I’ve accumulated too much wisdom, but actually writing is the only essential ingredient to being an author. It’s also a learned skill. The more you write, the better your writing will become.

What are your upcoming/recent releases?

Back Where We Began (February 3, 2022)

Like I Never Said (March 22, 2022)

Fly Bye (April 19, 2022)

Fake Empire (June 23, 2022)

Heartbreak for Two (July 21, 2022)

Serve (August 16, 2022)

For Now, Not Forever (September 29, 2022)

Oliver's Book (connected to Fake Empire; release date TBD)

Sophia's Book (connected to First Flight Final Fall; release date TBD)

What happened to "Two Decisions, One Duty"?

I first published "Four Months, Three Words" in September 2020. "Two Decisions, One Duty"(its sequel) was published in November 2020. I republished "Four Months, Three Words" in July 2021 to include "Two Decisions, One Duty" as a second part. That version is currently available, and includes the entirety of Jace and Vivienne's story.

Why are your books only available on Amazon?

My books are all self-published. I have cover designers, proofreaders, and editors who I work with directly to get my books ready for readers. In my experience, Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing is the best way for indie authors like myself to publish their books. I also choose to enroll my eBooks in their "Kindle Unlimited" program, which prevents me from publishing through Barnes and Noble's Kobo or Apple Books. At some point I'll likely do a "wide release," which won't be available in Kindle Unlimited and will be available on those platforms.

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