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Frequently Asked Questions

Will "Kiss Now, Lie Later" have a sequel?

I plan to write three books set in the Glenmont/Alleghany world as part of the Rival Love series. Kiss Now, Lie Later and For Now, Not Forever have both been released and the third book will be released in 2024.

Any advice for new authors? 

Keep writing! That's the only essential ingredient to being an author. It’s also a learned skill. The more you write, the better your writing will become.

What are your upcoming/recent releases?

Pretty Ugly Promises (January 26, 2023)

Six Summers to Fall (March 23, 2023)

Real Regrets (June 15, 2023)

Tuesday Night Truths (sequel to Friday Night Lies; expected release date Fall 2023)

Sophia's Book (connected to First Flight Final Fall; release date TBD)

Matt's Book (part of Rival Love series; release date TBD)

What happened to "Two Decisions, One Duty"?

I published Four Months, Three Words in September 2020. Two Decisions, One Duty (its sequel) was published in November 2020. I republished Four Months, Three Words in July 2021 to include Two Decisions, One Duty as a second part. That version is currently available and includes the entirety of Jace and Vivienne's story.

Why are your eBooks only available on Amazon?

My books are all self-published. I have cover designers, proofreaders, and editors who I work with directly to get my books ready for readers. In my experience, Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing is the best way for indie authors like myself to publish their books. I also choose to enroll my eBooks in their "Kindle Unlimited" program, which prevents me from publishing through Barnes and Noble's Kobo or Apple Books. At some point I'll likely do a "wide release," which won't be available in Kindle Unlimited and will be available on those platforms. Most of my books can be purchased as paperbacks or audiobooks from other retailers.

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