Four Months,

Three Words

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High expectations are nothing new to Jace Dawson or to Princess Vivienne, but everything else about their lives is completely different. He’s striving to achieve his dream of playing professional football. She’s been constrained since birth from everything except preparing to rule a small country. His family’s farm in Nebraska is struggling financially, while she’s accustomed to the opulent walls of a palace. He’s arrogant and determined; she’s capricious and aloof. 

Unprecedented revelations suddenly push Vivienne even closer to the throne, but also provide her with the opportunity to experience what she’s always wanted more than anything: normalcy. An intricate plan sends her to Lincoln University. There, she discovers American royalty wears football jerseys instead of crowns the moment her newfound anonymity first encounters Jace. Both Vivienne and Jace are used to being treated with deference, but refuse to extend it to each other. She finds him conceited and exasperating, while he’s intrigued by her temper and unveiled contempt.

He has no idea she’s actual royalty, and she doesn’t care everyone else treats him like he is. One semester of freedom is all Vivienne has before returning home to eventually rule. One season is all Jace has left to ensure his own future and that of his family.  

Neither of them can afford to feel more than annoyance towards the other, but as they each see glimpses behind their respective facades, that may be more difficult than either anticipated. Impossible, even.