coming 03.18.2021

The Hard Way Home

Day one of high school was the first time I spoke to Caleb Winters, and I made a fool of myself. The second time I encountered him was when he accidentally gave me a bloody nose sophomore year. The third time? Well, I like to pretend that conversation at junior prom never happened. I resolved to stay as far away from him as possible long before our senior year rolls around.

Any one of the few thousand residents of Landry, Kentucky could confirm the two of us are polar opposites. Caleb is poised to coast out of town on a baseball scholarship, while the only certain part of my future is the dilapidated horse farm that’s been in my family for generations. Everyone clambers for a scrap of his attention. Outsider is one of the kinder words that’s been used to describe me. He’s a member of Landry’s most respected family; my last name is mired in scandal. An infamous background is all I’d be known for if not for my notorious verbal sparring with Landry’s golden boy whenever we’re forced to interact.

I thought I knew exactly who Caleb Winters is.

But when a school assignment somehow results in a few batting lessons, a lot of shoveling manure, and some stargazing, it turns out maybe I had absolutely no clue.

And that realization can only end badly. For me.

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