Two Decisions,

One Duty

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It’s been seven months since Vivienne watched Lincoln University disappear behind her. Her glimpse of normalcy is over. Duty awaits. Now that her father’s illness has become public knowledge, her days are spent preparing to become queen even sooner than anyone expected. Before that happens she has to be married. Charles Vanderbilt is noble, considerate, and accommodating. Perfect. Everything she should want. Everything a monarch needs. But every time she imagines saying “yes,” a pair of gray eyes haunt her. 


Jace Dawson has made it. After leading Lincoln to its first football championship in a quarter of a century and a first round draft selection, he’s managed to not only obtain everything he’s ever wanted but also secured his family’s financial future. Too bad that’s not all he cares about anymore. 


Jace and Vivienne’s worlds collide again; this time not on a campus path cruised by wayward skateboarders, but rather in front of the entire world. They’re suddenly splashed on the cover of every tabloid and the subject of speculation on every talk show, forcing them to reunite in an attempt to quell the rampant rumors. The only issue? How they’ll manage to convince the world they’re not still in love when they can’t seem to convince themselves—or each other. 


A wedding date has been set. 


Who will be waiting for Vivienne at the end of the aisle?


Suddenly uncertain.